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Sara Radaelli


After studying translating and interpreting (in English and French), I leapt onto the professional translation bandwagon in 2000 – the same year that Dior won the FiFi Award with J’adore, Tank Cartier Basculante made its timely appearance and the legendary Hermès Kelly bag sprouted a smiley face, arms and feet.

A few seasons later, I kicked off my career in the fashion industry and in 2004 I began working with the Prada Group (Portfolio).

This is when I began specialising in a range of Luxury sectors – cosmetics and fragrances, fine watchmakingluxury tourism and high-end jewellery – embracing this world that for twenty years has been my strong suit as a freelance translator and transcreator (Portfolio).

I incorporated innumerable major labels into my translator DNA, which was also complemented when I became a qualified member of the Italian association of translators and interpreters (Associazione Italiana Traduttori e Interpreti – AITI).



I am an avid fan of Gianfranco Ferré’s belief that it is essential to impart your knowledge to anyone who wants to set off on the same career path, so I began running translation seminars in my sectors of choice in 2009. I participated in trade conferences and I offered my services as a specialist in the luxury sector, sharing my knowledge of the industry and its special needs and patterns with my colleagues.

After exploring the Beauty industry as a web copywriter as well, my passion for artistic perfumes got the upper hand: since 2018 I have been working as a translator of the Italian issue of French olfactory magazine Nez, a semi-annual magazine about olfactory culture in all its forms — art, literature, sciences, history, photography, fragrances (Portfolio). Perfumery and publishing went hand in hand again in 2022, with the translation of Il grande libro dei profumi [The great book of perfumes].

I am absolutely convinced that the luxury industry requires professionals to constantly grow, to seek real personal development and to venture into the “field” – that’s why I find my way around the labyrinth of production factories, I personally observe the intricate work of stone setters where young people are learning the trade, see how a mechanical movement comes alive in the hands of a watchmaker or smell raw materials “nose in nose” with perfumers. Because a translator is a craftsman of words.

The catchphrases for my business?
Creativity, passion, the search for excellence, customization.

The common thread across my professional activity? The famous words of Hegel:
“Nothing great can be accomplished without passion.”