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Sara Radaelli


After studying translating and interpreting, I leapt onto the professional translation bandwagon in 2000 – the same year that Dior won the FiFi Award with J’adore, Tank Cartier Basculante made its timely appearance and the legendary Hermès Kelly bag sprouted a smiley face, arms and feet.

A few seasons down the track and my knowledge of English and French set me on my career path in the fashion industry, where these languages are a must. I began working with the PRADA Group when the Prada Epicenter opened in Los Angeles, and our professional relationship is still going strong.

This is when I began specialising in a range of luxury sectors – cosmetics, fine watchmaking, luxury tourism and high-end jewellery – embracing this world that for more than a decade has been my strong suit as a translator and freelance language consultant.

I incorporated innumerable major labels into my translator DNA, which was also complemented when I became a qualified member of the Italian association of translators and interpreters (Associazione Italiana Traduttori e Interpreti – AITI).



I am an avid fan of Gianfranco Ferré’s belief that it is essential to impart your knowledge to anyone who wants to set off on the same career path, so the same year that Louis Vuitton and Sofia Coppola joined forces and the theme for the Hermès windows was “The Beautiful Escape”, I began running translation seminars in my sectors of choice. I participated in trade conferences and I offered my services as a specialist in the luxury sector, sharing my knowledge of the industry and its special needs and patterns with my colleagues.

I am absolutely convinced that the luxury industry requires professionals to constantly grow, to seek real personal development and to venture into the “field” – that’s why I find my way around the labyrinth of production factories, I personally observe the intricate work of stone setters where young people are learning the trade or see how a mechanical movement comes alive in the hands of a watchmaker: my expert advisers include gem professionals, goldsmiths, perfumers and other tradespersons.

The catchphrases for my business?
Creativity, passion, the search for excellence and for perfection.

The common thread across my professional activity? The famous words of Louis XIV:
“The extraordinary, the great or the beautiful can be achieved only by thinking about it more often and more thoroughly than others.”